Report on Planning Meeting for Chicago-Beijing Center International Conference on Chinese Opera Film

August 20, 2010

Principal Organizers: The University of Chicago and the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts
Co-Sponsor: Shanghai University School of Film and Television Arts

Judith Zeitlin, East Asian Languages and Culture, University of Chicago, and Fu Jin, National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, Research Institute, met on July 24, 2010 to continue the planning for the International Conference on Chinese Opera Film. Additional attendees included:

Xinyu Dong, Cinema and Media Studies

Shi Chuan, Shanghai University, School of Film and Television Arts and Technology

Gao Xiaojian, Chinese National Academy of Arts, Film Institute

Su Donghua, National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, Performance Department

The conference grows out of an earlier symposium co-organized by Judith Zeitlin and Paula Iovene, which was held in Chicago in Spring 2009, and whose papers are the basis for a double special issue of The Opera Quarterly, co-edited by Zeitlin and Iovene, due out in September 2010.

The expanded conference, planned for August 11-14, 2011, will bring together Asia-based scholars with their counterparts in the United States, Europe, and Australia to stimulate scholarship in a variety of disciplines on Chinese film production. Tentative panels planned for the conference include a special panel on recent developments in Western opera film and media to be chaired by David Levin, University of Chicago, and a panel featuring older performers, composers, and directors who have directly participated in the production of Chinese opera films.

Call for Papers
The conference organizers will issue a call for papers in both Chinese and English, designed to encourage younger scholars to participate.

The conference will be held at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing. Evening screenings of archival prints of Chinese opera films, to be lent by the Beijing Film Archive and a private Shanghai collector, will be at another venue to be arranged.