Summary Report of the University of Chicago - Central South University Psychiatry Research Workshop

Lunch at Beijing, with Beth Bader from the University of Chicago Center in Beijing

August 31, 2010

Drs. Elliot Gershon, Andrea King, Kathryn Keenan and Chunyu Liu, of the University of Chicago Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, traveled to the Mental Health Institute of the Central South University (CSU) in Changsha, P. R. China, to participate in this joint psychiatry research workshop at the Xiangya Second Hospital. Professors from both institutions presented their research, on topics including psychiatric genetics, alcohol and nicotine addiction, developmental psychology, and forensic psychiatry. The possibility of future collaborations on studies of psychiatric genetics and addiction was raised during the group discussions that followed the presentations. Dr. Gershon also gave a talk to the students of the CSU Mental Health Institute, which addressed the history and ethical aspects of psychiatric genetic research.

During their trip, the four University of Chicago professors also visited the Mental Health Institute of the Beijing University Sixth Hospital. There, they gave a number of talks to audiences of psychiatric researchers, clinical doctors and students of various levels. In a meeting following that visit consultation was provided by Dr. Keenan on an ongoing study on preventive interventions for preadolescents. Continued collaboration on this project is planned.

With this trip, four University of Chicago professors have visited two top mental health Institutes in China and laid the groundwork for future collaborations with Chinese psychiatrists and investigators.