The 6th Joint Conference on Surgery and Academic Skills

September 17, 2018

From September 14th to 15th, 2018, “The 6th Joint Conference on Surgery and Academic Skills –Precise Treatment for Tumors: Medication and Surgery" was successfully held at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing. More than 80 doctors, students, and researchers attended the conference and participated in invigorating discussions with the speakers. This conference was co-organized by Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Hepatobiliary Surgery and Nutrition (HBSN), AME Publishing Company, University of Chicago Global Surgery, University of Chicago Department of Surgery, and University of Chicago Center in Beijing. It was the sixth in a sequence of workshops held every autumn.  

The conference examined both the science and art of providing precision medicine and surgery to patients with solid tumors. In China, clinical experience with these tumors is extensive, given the population and incidence of disease, but the scientific assessment of the various clinical scenarios continues to lag. In the past several years, the treatment paradigms have shifted with the increased use of monoclonal antibodies, cellular therapy, radiation, laparoscopic techniques, and surgical robots. China is advanced in some areas, such as the use of laparoscopic techniques, but lagging in others, such as the use of robots and data-driven cellular therapy. Of key interest to the conference organizers was the fact that there is a significant amount of research and education in this area, but many of these efforts have not reached a wider audience due to a lack of sophistication in writing. 

The conference speakers included a number of distinguished academics, each of whom provided their input on the steps to establishing a successful academic career through the combination of solid research and clear communication of said research. The University of Chicago Medicine was represented by J. Michael Millis, Professor of Surgery; Mitchell Posner, Thomas D. Jones Professor of Surgery; Mustafa Hussain, Assistant Professor of Surgery; and Ashley Williamson. They were joined by 14 speakers from the following schools and research centers: Peking Union Medical College, Zhongshan Hospital Fudan University, Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, Anderson Cancer Center, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, Kyoto University, University of Tokyo, Italy Humanitas Clinical and Research Center and France Montpellier University Hospital-School of Medicine.  The audiences benefited a lot from the workshop, and the speakers commented on the high level of the conference, with many of them already reserving their attendance for next year.  We have every reason to believe that next year's gathering will be even more exciting.