The 7th Chinese Political Sociology Workshop

July 24, 2017


Department of Sociology, Renmin University of China

The University of Chicago Center in Beijing

This year is the 7th year of the Chinese Political Sociology Workshop, a 3-day event co-organized by The University of Chicago Center in Beijing and the Department of Sociology at Renmin University of China. The topic this year--Ideas, Identities, and Ideology-- drew more than 160 scholars and students, international and local, to join the rigorous discussion.

The workshop was structured around 6 subtopics that included "Ideology and State", "Ideology and Political Order", "Ideology and Governance", "Identities and Ideologies", "Communism in Practice"and "Ethnicity, Nation and Nationalism". Besides scholars from several local universities, the workshop also featured professors from London School of Economics, Columbia University and Universidad Carlos III De Madrid.

As in previous years, this workshop was co-organized by Dr. Dingxin Zhao, Max Palevsky Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago, and Dr. Shizheng Feng, Professor in Sociology at Renmin University of China. Professor Yanfei Sun, Sociology Professor at Zhejiang University, and Professor Yang Zhang of American University, both of whom received their Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Chicago, also assisted in organizing the workshop.