UChicago Incoming Master Student Parent Reception

July 14, 2019

With a warm reception on July 12, the University of Chicago Center in Beijing welcomed the parents of incoming Masters students due to attend the University of Chicago. Ranjan Daniels, Senior Associate Dean of Student Recruitment and Global Outreach at the Harris School of Public Policy, hosted the evening event as his final stop following his week-long visit to several universities in Beijing and Seoul, South Korea.

Yuan Ji, Interim Executive Director of the Center in Beijing, kicked off the evening by taking the parents on a tour around the Center, as well as speaking about the Center in Beijing and the University’s engagement with China. Carrying the torch, Mr. Daniels officially welcomed the parents to the UChicago family and spoke about the ways their sons and daughters can benefit and grow at the University of Chicago. Attending to parents’ questions, Mr. Daniels and Mr. Yuan elaborated on the extensive UChicago alumni career network, the convenience of living in Hyde Park and Chicago, and the vibrant and cultural student community present on campus. Following the informative talk and post-event networking, parents can rest assured that their children will be in good hands as they attend the University of Chicago later this year.