UChicago President Zimmer meets with Liu Yandong at US-China University Presidents’ Roundtable

July 1, 2015

University of Chicago president Robert J. Zimmer traveled to Rice University in Houston, Texas last week to participate in the second US-China University Presidents’ Roundtable, where he had a chance to meet with Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong.

“I believe that universities are pioneers for people-to-people exchange between our two countries, and also the binding force for China-U.S. Relations,” said Madame Liu,  who led  the delegation to the United States for the annual People-to-People Exchange Conference.

The first-ever US-China University Presidents’ Roundtable was held at the University of Chicago in November 2013. As the host of the 2013 event, President Zimmer was honored to receive Vice Premier Liu, Minister of Education Yuan Guiren, and a number of presidents from prestigious universities in China and the US.  For more information about the 2013 event, please see the University of Chicago news story.

(Photo by Jeff Fitlow, Rice University)