UChicago to build expanded Center in Paris designed by Studio Gang 芝大巴黎中心扩建,甘建筑工作室操刀

  • Courtesy of Studio Gang

  • Courtesy of Studio Gang

January 7, 2019

The University of Chicago will expand its presence in Paris through the construction of a new building designed by Studio Gang, growing opportunities for education, research and scholarly engagement across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Expected to open in 2022, the project will double UChicago’s space in Paris and replace the University’s existing Center, which has experienced tremendous growth in interest and programming since opening in 2003. The Center in Paris was UChicago’s first global facility, creating a model for engagement around the world that now includes the University centers in Delhi, Beijing and, most recently, Hong Kong, where The Hong Kong Jockey Club University of Chicago Academic Complex | The University of Chicago Francis and Rose Yuen Campus in Hong Kong opened in November.

The selection of Studio Gang, a Chicago-based design practice led by renowned architect Jeanne Gang, Chev. L.H., with offices in New York, San Francisco and Paris, followed a competitive process led by the SEMAPA, the government agency in charge of the development of Paris Rive Gauche, the neighborhood in which both the current and future Center reside. Studio Gang partnered with PARC Architectes, a Parisian architectural firm, on the new Center. The expansion project is a collaboration between SEMAPA, real estate developer Icade, and the University and will be located on the Rue des Grands Moulins and Avenue de France in an area that has become an international hub of research and higher education.

“The expansion of the Center in Paris is a testament to its success as an essential intellectual destination for faculty, students and alumni. This new project is a critical step in the University’s support of education and research around the globe. Jeanne Gang and her colleagues are a superb choice to lead the design of the Center, connecting it to the University, Paris and the broader region,” said President Robert J. Zimmer.

The Center in Paris hosts activities across the University, serving as home to UChicago’s largest undergraduate study abroad program, a hub for research and scholarly collaborations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and a focal point for a wide variety of alumni activities. The new project will grow the space for these activities through such additions as a theater, laboratory and café, while further connecting UChicago to one of Europe’s leading centers of culture, education and innovation.

“The Center in Paris has enhanced the intellectual life of the University of Chicago at every level,” said John W. Boyer, dean of the College. “The Center hosts more than 250 undergraduates each year who study with leading Chicago faculty in one of 14 interdisciplinary programs. The Center also supports the advanced studies of doctoral students and faculty from across the University, who make use of the rich resources of Paris and engage with scholars from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa in undertaking major research projects.”

The project is comprised of two interlinking parts: the new UChicago Center in Paris and a mixed-use development not owned or operated by the University. The two parts will be housed in separate buildings connected through shared outdoor space.

The Center in Paris Project

New, biodiverse green spaces, public art, and the visual and material dialogue between the buildings will invite mixing between the University and greater communities while weaving together the site and its context both physically and intellectually.

“We are very excited to work in the great city of Paris and to collaborate with the prestigious University of Chicago on the Paris Center,” said Jeanne Gang. “Building upon the mission of the Center as a place of dialogue and exchange, our project is designed to encourage meaningful connections between the faculty, students and Parisians and to create a new kind of vitality in this growing neighborhood in the 13th arrondissement. I look forward to working with Icade, PARC Architectes and the city of Paris to realize this new addition to the life of the city.”

UChicago and Studio Gang have collaborated before. The firm designed the award-winning Campus North Residential Commons and Frank and Laura Baker Dining Commons, which opened in 2016. Throughout its history, UChicago has commissioned leading architects for projects as part of a commitment to architecture that advances inquiry and practice, enhances student life and cultivates a scholarly community that has an impact beyond its physical boundaries.

The site of the Center’s expansion is part of one of Europe’s leading civic projects, which focuses on developing former industrial sections of Paris’s Left Bank. The larger civic project is anchored by the French National Library and includes leading higher education institutions such as Paris Diderot University, the National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations, IAE Paris - Sorbonne Business School, laboratories that are part of the National Center for Scientific research, and Station F, the world’s largest incubator and start-up campus.

“The city of Paris is very proud of the establishment of the University of Chicago Center in the heart of the city, close to the French National Library. The 13th arrondissement is a key district for higher education in Paris and the University of Chicago’s increased presence strengthens our strategy of maintaining universities and student facilities inside Paris. The building imagined by Jeanne Gang is a symbol of our urban policy that brings together ecological excellence, contemporary architecture and a social and functional mix,” said Jean-Louis Missika, deputy mayor of Paris.

The expansion project will support UChicago’s distinct approach to study abroad. Unlike traditional programs at many universities, which focus on language instruction and cultural enrichment, UChicago undergraduate programs in Paris and around the world represent a deeper and broader model for study abroad—one that combines cultural immersion and exploration in a variety of fields, ranging from history to neurobiology to mathematics.

The Center in Paris project will support faculty research and collaborations across the region, including housing dedicated workspaces for research teams and visiting scholars. It will serve as an administrative center for programs and events, including supporting alumni and admissions activities, and serving as a link to distinguished colleges, universities and organizations in the region.

This project was recommended by a faculty committee that brought together scholars from a range of disciplines and was chaired by Robert Morrissey, the Benjamin Franklin Professor of French Literature and former academic director for the Center in Paris.

The current Center in Paris, which is located two blocks from the expansion project site, will close after the new building is completed.

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自2003年投入使用以来,芝加哥大学巴黎中心的访客数量逐年递增,在中心开办的项目也越来越多。为了满足不断增长的需求,更加充分地利用欧洲、中东及非洲地区的学术资源,芝加哥大学巴黎中心计划再添一栋大楼。这次中心扩建项目由著名的甘建筑工作室(Studio Gang)操刀设计,计划于2022年落成。届时,中心的面积将扩大一倍,并取代中心目前的办公场所。

芝加哥大学巴黎中心是芝大设立的第一个海外中心,为学校的国际化发展起到了示范作用。目前,芝大的国际化运营已拓展到德里、北京和香港,其中香港赛马会芝加哥大学教育综合大楼 | 芝加哥大学袁天凡、袁慧敏香港校区刚于去年11月正式启用。

甘建筑工作室由知名建筑师、法国荣誉军团勋章获得者珍妮·甘(Jeanne Gang)在芝加哥市成立,在纽约、旧金山和巴黎均设有办公室。芝加哥大学巴黎中心的现址和新楼选址均位于巴黎左岸(Paris Rive Gauche),在该地区开发事务主管部门SEMAPA的竞标活动中,甘工作室脱颖而出,成功中标。接下来,甘工作室将与巴黎建筑设计公司PARC Architectes配合完成中心新楼的设计工作。此次扩建项目由芝加哥大学、SEMEPA及房地产开发商Icade合作促成。中心新址位于大磨坊路(Rue des Grands Moulins)与法国大道(Avenue de France)的路口,这一区域已逐渐成为国际科研与高等教育的中心。

“巴黎中心的此番扩建,证明它在过去的十几年间很好地服务了芝大师生和校友的需求。这也是芝大推进全球教育科研工作的重大举措。珍妮和她的同事是设计新中心的不二人选,我相信她的团队能够帮助巴黎中心更好地联结芝大、巴黎和更广泛的地区,”芝大校长司马博(Robert Zimmer)表示。


芝大本科生院院长John Boyer表示:“巴黎中心在各方面极大地促进了芝大的学术活动。每年,250多名本科生前往巴黎中心进行海外学习交流,接受14个跨学科项目顶级师资的教育。同时,巴黎中心还为芝大博士生及科研人员的学术活动提供了有力的支持,使他们能够在巴黎与欧洲、中东及非洲等地的学者开展大型科研合作项目。”


“我们非常兴奋能够在巴黎这座伟大的城市与芝加哥大学这所了不起的大学合作建设芝大巴黎中心。”珍妮·甘表示,“秉承巴黎中心是一个对话和交流的场所这一理念,我们的设计旨在鼓励芝大师生与巴黎人搭建有益联结,在巴黎十三区这个日益繁荣的区域创造一种新的活力。我期待与Icade、PARC Architectes及巴黎这整座城市合作,为她的城市生活注入新的内容。”

这并不是芝加哥大学与甘建筑工作室首次合作。甘工作室设计了芝大校园北区宿舍楼(Campus North Residential Commons)及弗兰克与劳拉·贝克尔餐饮综合体(Frank and Laura Baker Dining Commons),这组建筑于2016年投入使用,并荣获设计大奖。芝大创建以来,一直致力于与顶级建筑设计师合作,为校园增添具有促进探究与实践、丰富学生生活、培育学术社区功能的建筑。

芝大巴黎中心扩建项目位于欧洲最主要的公民项目之一的所在地——巴黎左岸,这里一直在对传统的工业基地进行改造。此项公民项目在更大范围上由法国国家图书馆主导,包括引进巴黎第七大学、法国国立东方语言与文明学院、IAE巴黎—索邦大学商学院、隶属于法国国家科研中心的实验室和Station F,世界最大的孵化器和初创企业园区等高等教育机构。




扩建项目在专门的教授委员会建议下获准实施,委员会的成员们来自各个学科,由罗伯特·莫里西(Robert Morrissey),芝加哥大学本杰明·富兰克林法国文学讲席教授、巴黎中心前学术主任领衔。