University of Chicago Resident Externship at Peking Union Medical College Hospital

  • Surgical residents Drs. Monika Krezalek and Melinda Stack with the PUMCH surgical team led by Dr. LIAO Quan.

  • Surgical residents Drs. Monika Krezalek and Melinda Stack observing in OR

  • Ashley Tsang introducing the U.S. medical training pathway

  • Drs. Lane Benes, Richa Garg, Kershaw Patel and Ashley Tsang with PUMCH faculty discussing microbiology research on ESBL.

November 3, 2015

In October 2015, six residents from departments of Internal Medicine, Family Medicine and General Surgery of the University of Chicago were welcomed on Peking Union Medical College Hospital campus (PUMCH) to begin the two-week multi-disciplinary clinical externship.

This has been the second such externship organized on the PUMCH campus as a result of an ongoing collaboration between the UC Medicine and PUMCH on the recent initiative of standardizing residency training across China.

During the externship, the UC residents formed effective peer-partnership with  the Chinese residents, splitting their time in both classrooms, inpatient and outpatient services. The learning opportunities include morning teaching rounds, grand rounds with patient participation, multi-disciplinary case conferences, outpatient clinic observation, visits to Chinese Traditional Medicine clinic, and operation room observation. The residents’ learning was also supplemented by interactive dialogues with faculty, residents and medical students with topics ranging from the differences existed in medical education training pathways, teaching and learning quality evaluation mechanisms, competence-based training framework as well as life-work balances in medicine.

The externship concluded with the PUMCH Westlake Forum centered on the topic of the international Residency Training. The residents reported great satisfaction of their experience in PUMCH. The University of Chicago Beijing Center has been providing critical support for the externship as well as the UC Medicine’s engagement in residency standardization in China.

Reported by Ivy Jiang