Wen Fang Art Exhibit: Opening

April 22, 2019

On April 21 the Center in Beijing hosted a gala opening for our 2019 art exhibit in the Steve Sun Gallery. The exhibit includes three major works by the Paris-trained, Beijing-based artist Wen Fang, and also incorporated two video presentations. One video documents her recent “Land Art” and another forms a retrospective of her very diverse projects since 2005. More information about the works in the exhibit and Wen Fang is available from the brochure. About 130 visitors attended the opening, watched a recorded interview the faculty director Judith Farquhar had done with Wen Fang, and enjoyed studying the artworks. Wen Fang provided a tour of the pieces on display, explaining her intentions and the underlying ideas in the works. Later in the afternoon, we convened an informal roundtable: “Circling Back: Tell Us Your Story.” This was an opportunity for Wen Fang to tell us more about her own history as an artist, and others in the group contributed insights about the place of art in their lives.

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