Spring Social Sciences Quarter

  • Excursions enrich study abroad coursework. Here, after a visit to Guajiayu eco-village, 2012 students, led by professor Dali Yang, visit the Pinggu town center in suburban Beijing.

  • 2015 Spring Social Sciences study abroad students visit a vocational school for rural women. (Photo by Yuxuan Li)

Social Sciences in Beijing

Building upon strong student interest in China’s economic transformation and rising global impact, Professor and Center in Beijing Faculty Director Dali Yang developed a quarter-long program focused on the social sciences. The Spring quarter Beijing Social Sciences program offers students an opportunity to consider China’s economic transformation and rising global impact through a selection of thematic courses on globalization, Chineseeconomy, society, and politics as considered from the vantage point in Beijing. This sequence is taught in English by both Chicago professors and leading scholars in Beijing, its emphasis shifting from year to year in accordance with the interests and expertise of that year’s faculty. In addition to the three social sciences courses, students take a fourth course in Mandarin, taught at various levels from beginning through advanced.

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