Summer Programs in China for UChicago Students

  • 2020 Luojia International Summer Program at Wuhan University

  • 2020 Shanghai International Summer School (SISS) at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE)

  • 2020 Fudan International Summer Session

  • 2020 Fudan Summer Camp on Chinese Economy and Society

This page is created for UChicago students and students elsewhere who are looking for unique summer experiences in Chinese universities, by gathering information from these institutions.  Please refer to program-specific websites and brochures to find out more. 

2020 Luojia International Summer Program at Wuhan University

The Luojia International Summer Program was initiated by Wuhan University in 2006. Under the theme of “Understanding China: Past & Present”, the program has been endeavoring to provide an exchange platform for international students to gain a better understanding of Wuhan University and China. The 2020 Luojia International Summer Program is packaged in two and half exciting weeks. Guided by a standout team of experts in their fields, you will be able to enrich your knowledge of China through a series of lectures across 8 topics, including history, law, economics, diplomacy, architecture, philosophy, trans-cultural communication, and applications of SAR technology along the Belt and Road. In addition, the program will organize field trips and cultural activities, which will augment your learning experience, present the beauty of China, and hone your skills and capacity in intercultural communication.

Wuhan University plans to provide 4 scholarships. The scholarship will cover the registration fee, tuition fee, and housing expense for participating students.

Find out more from the Program Brochure.

2020 Application Form

To apply, please send your complete application packet to Adrian Aldana.


2020 Shanghai International Summer School (SISS) at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE)

Shanghai International Summer School (SISS) is offered by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE), one of the best business schools in China. SUFE is a great place to connect with the local culture, enhance your knowledge, advance your career, and explore Shanghai and China. SISS will focus on three topics: culture, business and innovation. Aiming at undergraduate/graduate students from our partner institutions , this opportunity is an ideal setting to explore Shanghai and China-both through exciting study in the classroom and on the road in the cultural activities, company visits and weekend trips, while participants develop their own industry expertise and pursue valuable experience abroad.

China's appeal lies in the stark contrast of its brilliant cultures and its recent development into one of the major contenders in global business. For many who have been enthralled and enticed by the mystique of this great nation, there may be no better city than Shanghai to experience the cultural diversity, and to showcase the country’s emerging economic role on the world stage.

With SISS in SUFE, participants are offered exceptional opportunities to understand the Chinese market, investigate the causes behind, and the challenges of china’s booming economy. As Shanghai has also been an extraordinary mixture of the financial hub and cultural grandeur, participants will find it of extra convenience to get exposed to a culture that cover a large region in east Asia with customs and traditions varying greatly even between towns geographically quite close to each other.


The 2020 SISS will last from 1st July to 20th July. The suggested arrival is around 30th June. 

Programme Cost

SISS applicants from our partner institutions are exempt from paying tuition, accommodation fees and any miscellaneous fee that may be prescribed by the university. For more advice on self-funded items, including the flight and visa fee,  please visit our website.

Programme Schedule

As we are currently in the process of updating the programme schedule for 2020 summer, interested students are advised to check our sample schedule as released on our website.

Applications and Admissions 

 To start an application, please visit our online portal, where applicants are expected to fill all necessary information and upload supporting documentation as may be required. 

More information on the intended admissions procedures can be found here.

More Details

To find our more details about SISS, visit our website or refer to the programme Brochure as attached. 


2020 Fudan International Summer Session

Fudan University International Summer Session 2020 (Jul.4-Aug.1) will provide a 4-week course study and cultural experience to students from all over the world. Students will have the opportunity to get to know China, experience Shanghai and be part of the Fudan community. Fudan University students will also participate in the program. This program will help you achieve multicultural understanding, establish a global vision, and get connected with peers from all over the world.


Fudan International Summer Session 2020 will provide 30 content courses,3 different levels of Chinese language courses (40 credit hours each, optional), 3 PE courses (18 credit hours each, optional) and historical and cultural visits.

The content courses will cover a range of topics in History and Culture, Society and Politics, Business and Economy, Law, and Science and Technology. One content course can be 1, 2, or 3 Fudan credits. After successful completion of the course study, students will be awarded a program certificate and an official transcript from Fudan University. Fudan University will also provide 8 University of Chicago students with full scholarship to participate in the Summer Session.

Click HERE to find out more of application information.


2020 Fudan Summer Camp on Chinese Economy and Society

The Fudan Summer Camp on Chinese Economy and Society (Jul.13-24) is a two-week intensive program hosted by the School of Economics, Fudan University. It is well-designed to help students with an interest in China to achieve a deep and brand-new understanding of China within a short period, facilitating their knowledge-building in terms of China's economic, commercial, social, and political landscape. 

Held at a prestigious academic institution in China, the program features insightful lectures by leading scholars, in-depth company visits, rich field trips and culture experiences, and a global network with young talents from all around the world. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive an official transcript with 3 Fudan credits (1 Fudan credit = 18 contact hours, 3 Fudan credits = 6-7.5 ECTs) and will be awarded a program certificate. University of Chicago students can also apply for a full scholarship for the Summer Camp, by first applying for the Fudan International Summer Session 2020 program and selecting this Summer Camp.

Click HERE to find out more of application information.