Past Events

Previous University of Chicago Center in Beijing Conferences and Events are listed below. Click on an event for more information.

Sep. 21

Contemporary ink painting is an important branch of contemporary Chinese art and art history that has emerged over the past 30 years out of intense and diverse experimentation by artists, and through dynamic interaction with international modern and contemporary art. The Conference on Ink Painting and Art Historical Perspectives, held at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing, brought together academics, historians, and curators from across China and the United States to discuss the identity and future of this art form.

The International Symposium on Family and Labor Economics was held on the Renmin University of China campus during the opening week of the University of Chicago Center in Beijing. It was jointly organized by The University of Chicago and Renmin University of China’s School of Labor and Human Resources. The event was marked by the attendance of Nobel Laureates James Heckman and Gary Becker of the University of Chicago along with numerous other distinguished economists from universities in China, the United States and Europe.

The University of Chicago Conference on Global Health brought together medical professionals from Chicago and their counterparts in China to discuss their recent, and ongoing, collaborations in health and medicine. Among the collaborations reviewed were joint projects in transplantation science, medical education, genetics and genomics, bioinformatics, and cancer pathogenesis.

Featured Speaker: Scott Meadow, University of Chicago

A Booth School of Business Global Leadership Series lecture, featuring Professor Scott F. Meadow, was held at the newly inaugurated University of Chicago Center in Beijing during the Center’s Opening Events (September 14).

The University of Chicago celebrated the opening of the Center in Beijing on September 14 and 15, 2010 with a series of events highlighting the breadth of academic programs and collaborations the center will facilitate.

The conference focused on the theoretical and experimental works on the study of novel quantum states in materials and cold atomic gases. Topics included topological phenomena in electronic physics, symmetries and states in the fractional quantum Hall effect, physics of graphene and correlated atomic states.

Aug. 8

This workshop provided a platform for UChicago psychiatric scientists to interact with psychiatrists and scientists from China and to explore the potential for future collaboration in research and education.

This conference, which featured discussion and presentations by China scholars from the U.S., China and throughout the Asia Pacific region, provided an opportunity for participants to examine how China might have been implicated in the current financial and economic crisis, how it has coped with it, and how China’s future domestic development and their global profile might be impacted. 

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